Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Claims Services

LWP’s business philosophy is to focus on the depth of our capabilities, rather than the breadth. For that reason, we offer only workers’ compensation claims services. We choose to work to be the very best at one thing, rather than diluting our efforts and resources by expanding into other lines of business.

We have built extensive programs and tools to support the needs of our clients. Our programs are carefully built to maximize results through a combination of our own internal services and those of our carefully selected “Best in Class” partners.

We will perform services ourselves only when we are convinced that we can optimize our clients’ results by doing so. For those services that we do offer in conjunction with partners, we have built extensive programs and tools to integrate those services and add very substantial layers of oversight, measurement, and monitoring.

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Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

LWP Claims Solutions has a proven track record for delivering claims services that outperform the industry very significantly. Our claims management techniques include:

  • A Sports Medicine Approach to Clinical Management
  • Focus on Early and Sustained Return-To-Work
  • A Dual Track Diary System That Keeps the Examiner Focused on Case Resolution
  • Efficient Litigation Techniques To Contain Cost and Speed Resolution
  • Focus on Early and Sustained Return-To-Work Efforts
  • Effective Subrogation Protocols
  • Very Successful SIU Program

Managed Care and Cost Containment Services

LWP Claims Solutions offers managed care and cost containment services through SPHERE Solutions, our trade-named affiliate. Our current offerings include:

  • Fully Integrated Bill Review (With Access to Multiple MPNs and PPOs)
  • Utilization Review (Integrated Into Bill Review)
  • Telephonic Case Management
  • Field Case Management
  • Prescription Benefit Network Coupled With a Strong Pharmacy Management Program
  • Expedited Diagnostic Testing
  • Lien Resolution Program
  • Physical Therapy Network
  • Transportation and Translation Program/Network
  • Clinic Management Program